Franklin Templeton invites you to take part in our blockchain contest dedicated to students in PoznaƄ.

The aim of the contest is to increase knowledge of blockchain technology among students in Poland. To support you in this journey, we will host a series of educational events where you will have the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology, to meet startups which have already implemented blockchain solutions in their projects and to consult your ideas with our experts.

By the end of May 12th, we will have been holding events. All of them will be introduced by experts. Some of the topics that will be taught:

  • Explication – is to familiarize you with the terms that are in use today.
  • Use cases - to invite companies/startups that have implemented or are currently implementing Blockchain Technology in various areas.
  • Practice - The aim of these meetings is to learn 3 selected technologies - a public blockchain: BSV, ETH and private HLF. Based on the presented technologies and business knowledge, you will be able to build their PoC.

During our meeting you will be creating teams that will have not more than 5 Individual Applicants. You will be thinking about your projects and if your idea will be too much for yourself, you can find someone during the series of educational events who will help you in that specified field!

Are you interested but still hesitating?

Franklin Templeton will offer the winning teams or individuals a prize pool of 12 000 USD!

Apply now. Show us what you got!

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